Technion Program for Excellence

Alon Hacohen / Technion Excellence Program

About Myself: Born in Jerusalem on the spring of 1994, I was then raised and educated in Hod Hasharon. Spending my high school years in Mosenson youth village, I studied chemistry and physics, and took part in the Bar-Ilan program for youth in mathematics. I’ve also engaged in many volunteer activities such as being head of student council and participating in my school’s debate team. Along with that, I was the captain of the Kfar Saba Hawks, the IHFL (the Israeli High school Football League) champion at the time. After graduation, I went on to my IDF service for 5 years in the Intelligence Corps, first as an analyst and then an officer – which brought me to product management roles.


Knowing that academic education is going to be my next chapter in life, I took a year off after my release from the army to experiment – traveling (across Israel and then Asia), studying (from coding to cooking), working with children, and exploring all sorts of different fields in life. I’m more than grateful for having the opportunity to so do, which got me set and ready to start my journey at the Technion.


Hobbies and other activities: I always like to try and make the most of everything I have around me. And what is that, you ask? Well, I guess that includes people, technology, sports (practically anything that involves a ball), photography and music, traveling and hiking and more.


Let’s communicate: I remember having a lot of questions while trying to choose what and where to study. If you already got here, to reading my student profile, you are probably dealing with similar thoughts. You are more than welcome to contact me via Facebook, and I’ll try to assist as much as I can…


When did you start the program: Winter 2018.