Technion Program for Excellence

Amnon Harel / Mathematics, Physics

First degree in Mathematics-Physics at the Technion.

Second degree in Physics at the Technion.

Ph.D. in Physics at the Technion.


Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 1994 – June 1997.

Amnon took an advanced computers course. He used the benefits that the Program gives to avoid courses that were of no interest to him (for example: Introductory Programming, when he was already a professional programmer).


He started his studies for a second degree while still an undergraduate. Undertook research in High-Energy Physics.


Recommendation to Program participants: “Study your own subject throughly, but in other areas do not hesitate to skip preliminary courses and head straight to what interests you”.


Today (2015): R&D on detection using muons in Lingacom Ltd.

Amnon Harel