Technion Program for Excellence

Assaf Hallak / Electrical Engineering, Mathematics

First degree in Electrical Engineering at the Technion.


Participated in the Excellence Program: 2008-2011


As a student in the Program, Assaf took many courses from the mathematics faculty, and also a few from the Industrial Engineering faculty. He studied optimal sampling of linear functionals to improve mean estimation. This type of problem can model delay inference in networks, optimal path planning etc. The problem is also observed in other statistical scenarios such as the multi-armed bandit and optimal experiment design. In addition he started early on in his degree to take advanced courses from Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. The program was very helpful for Assaf in solving many Bureaucratic difficulties like number of points per semester, free enlisting to courses from all faculties on irregular times in the semester and the very helpful academic advisor.


Recommendations for Program participants: “First of all – find a good advisor that you can rely on to back you up in any student request, and that can pinpoint the right courses for you. Then you should exploit as much as you can the academic freedom from the program – build your own study program, replace boring courses with interesting ones, don’t be shy to go to advanced studies or other faculties.”

Today (2012): Assaf is currently studying his MSc in multi-agent systems (MAS) in the machine learning context, in the faculty of Electrical Engineering under Prof. Shie Mannor. 


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