Technion Program for Excellence

Dana Drachsler / Computer Science

First degree in Computer Science at the Technion.

PhD in Computer Science at the Technion, direct-track to PhD, 2017.

Participated in the Excellence Program: 2009-2011.
As a student in the Program, Dana was able to register to courses even though they had been full or without meeting the prerequisites.
During her last summer she also began a research in parallel data-structures under the supervision of Prof. Erez Petrank, which dealt with finding wait-free algorithms for several data structures.

Recommendations for Program participants: “Always keep an open mind – try to learn about as many subjects as you can in the field you are interested in. You might surprise yourself and find out about some interesting subject you haven’t thought of.”

Today (2019): Dana is s postdoctoral researcher in the Software Reliability Lab, hosted by Prof. Martin Vechev, at the ETH.

“My main research interest lie in the combination of programming languages and learning, and specifically in finding robust methods for simplifying the coding process. I am also very enthusiastic about concurrency, and during my PhD I have done some work in concurrent data structures.”

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