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Danny Rasin /

General: I initially started studying towards a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, and later decided to add an additional degree in Mathematics as well.

During my studies I found interest in a variety of topics, some of them more “theorethical” and some more “practical”.

The notable topics I had more significant experience with, and found particular interests in, during my studies are:

* Networks:


worked on a project called – “Ad-Hoc SMS Network for Android devices”,


with Omri Dor, supervised by Aran Bergman






* Machine Learning:


worked on a project called – “Demographics & Voting Patterns: A Machine Learning Analysis of Election Results and Census Data”


with Omri Dor, supervised by Koby Crammer, Daniel Barsky






* Game Theory (specifiaclly Social Choice)


I took three courses on Game Theory, two of them focusing on Social choice, including a personal “reading” course under the guidacne of Prof. Ron Holzman.




Additionaly, I had paticipated in two summer internships, where I focused on the topics:


* Computer Architecture & Networks


As part of an internship in Mellanox Technologies – building software models for Chip Architectures and analyzing their performance.




* Formal Verification & Model Checking


As part of an internship in IBM research Labs – Generating Linear Invariants for Model Checking


The internship resulted in publishing the following paper (accepted to HVC 2014):






Personal: I enjoy playing Tennis and Basketball, and playing music on both Keyboard and guitar when I have the time. Additionaly, I have some interests in linguistics.


Specifically, I speak Hebrew, English and Russian, and had spent the last two years learning German.




Today (2015): I Study towards a Master’s degree in Computer Science.




Danny Rasin