Technion Program for Excellence

Daphna Prat / Computer Science, Mathematics

First degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at the Technion. 


Participated in the Excellence Program: October 2004 – October 2007.

After completing her first degree, Daphna studied medicine at Tel Aviv University. During that time she was a researcher and a software developer in IBM’s research labs in Tel Aviv, in the group “Machine Learning and Data Mining” for Healthcare and Life Sciences – Health informatics. In this bioinformatics oriented research group, big data and precision medicine, was used to develop algorithms in various medical areas.

Today (2017)Daphna is a medical resident in the department of Ophthalmology Sheba Medical Center.

Daphna’s main interests are surgeries, clinical and basic research, and innovation. She also participates in a project in conjunction with NovaSight company, to find innovative software solutions for those with impaired vision due to Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).


Daphna Prat