Technion Program for Excellence

Einat Willmott / Medical Science

First degree in Medical Science at the Technion.

Direct Phd in Neurosciences at the Technion.
Postdoctorate in Technion.
Postdoctoral studies in Zurich.

Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 1997 – June 2000.

Einat combined advanced courses, interdisciplinary studies and scientific research on “Mapping of the UT gene” under the supervision of Dr. Adi Salzberg in the Faculty of Medicine. In this research worked on the mapping of the U-TURN gene which is implicated in the development of the nervous system of drosophilae.

About the Program: “The academic advantages of the Program provided me with the latitude to select a curriculum that suited and interested me, even though it was at variance with the conventional, regular curriculum of the faculty. The research I am doing today obliges me to study a wide range of subjects. I have no doubt that the knowledge I acquired in mathematics and physics in the framework of the Progrom, have helped me in my research”.


Today (2012): Einat is doing a postdoctorate in Auckland, New Zealand, studying the neurophysiological basis of human emotions and language, using EEG.


Recommendation to Program participants: “Take full advantage of what the Program allows you to do.  My experience is that participating in the Program affords easier entry to laboratories and accessibility to the professors”.