Technion Program for Excellence

Gilad Pagi / Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics

First degrees in Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering at the Technion.

MSc in Mechanical Engineering at the Technion.
Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 2004 – November 2007.


Due to the benefits of the program Gilad managed to finish his B.A. in Math while studying as an academic reservist in the BRAKIM program (first+second degree (with thesis) in Mech. Engineering). The program appointed a special mentor from the Math faculty and helped him finish his obligations.


Gilad published an article about his research in his thesis:

G. Pagi, E. Altus, An Air-Polymer Analogy for Modeling Air Flow through Rubber-Metal Interface, proceedings of the 5th IASME / WSEAS international conference in Fluid Mechanics & aerodynamics (FMA’07), August 25-27, 2007, p. 195-200.

He also spoke about his research in the WSEAS FMA ’07 conference, Athens, Greece.


Recommendation to Program participants: “Use the advantages of the Program!”


Today (2015): Gilad is pursuing PhD in Mathematics at the University of Michigan.



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