Technion Program for Excellence

Haggai Eran /

First degree in Computer Engineering at the Technion. MSc in Computer Science at the Technion Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: 2004 - 2009.   Haggai enjoyed the benefit of taking courses not in the required order "It was indeed helpful for me since I came to the Technion after taking a couple of courses at the Open University, and without this help from the program I would have needed to retake these courses, or to wait for other dependencies and complete my degree later". Haggai did a project early in his studies (in the summer after his second semester) with Prof. Yitzhak Birk and Dr. Liran Liss. It was a port of a parallel programming library and paradigm called BSP to the Infiniband interconnect technology. His second project was modifying the Apache webserver in order to use it as a benchmark for software transactional memory systems. He worked under the guidance of Prof. Idit Keidar and Zvika Guz. "I'd like to say that Idit Keidar, who was my mentor assigned by the program, was very helpful in guiding me throughout my studies". He also took a course in Distributed Algorithms. In this course, the student are expected to submit a final work that relates to the current research in the field. His partner and him analysed the competitive complexity of a novel contention manager for transactional memory systems.   Today (2012): Works at Mellanox.
Haggai Eran