Technion Program for Excellence

Ido Kaminer / Electrical Engineering, Physics

First degree in Electrical Engineering & Physics at the Technion.

Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: 2005-2007

Ido took several courses in math, and also made small changes to the standard curriculum. He studied many advanced courses in physics, and actually started his second degree studies during his 4th year of his undergraduate studies.

Ido carried out two research projects in EE, and one research project in physics. His project in physics introduced him to the field of nonlinear optics, in which he is currently doing his research toward PhD.

Recommendation to Program participants: “Contrary to expectation, undergraduate-time is the best for taking advanced courses. So do not postpone anything you really want to know.

Also, try doing some research, because it’ll give to a taste of how it is to continue in the academia, and make use of the program benefits (even if you need to twist it a bit). It’s fun.”

Today: Ido is serving in the IDF, and studying for his PhD (direct route) in physics at the Technion.