Technion Program for Excellence

Michael Bronstein / Electrical Engineering

First  degree in Electrical Engineering at the Technion.

MSc in Computer Science at the Technion.

Ph.D in Computer Science at the Technion


Michael included advanced courses from different departments in his curriculum. He graduated in Electrical Engineering with a number of credit points almost sufficient for a double major out of interest.

Michael was doing research starting from the third year of his studies, together with his twin brother Alex. They started working on tomography and signal processing problems like blind source separation, then took a course with Prof. Ron Kimmel at CS, which started a long and fruitful collaboration that lasts till today. Their course project was three-dimensional face recognition, in which they showed a method accurate enough to distinguish between ourselves. This fact created a fuss in the media, and CNN published an article entitled “Twins crack the face recognition puzzle“. Later, in the context of his Ph.D. he worked on extending these ideas to general nonrigid shapes. Thus, a book Numerical geometry of nonrigid shapes, which he co-authored with Alex and Ron, was born.
Among his research projects:

  • “Work on 3D face recognition” under the direction of Prof. Ron Kimmel (see above).
  • “Blind deconvolution of images” under the direction of Dr. Michael Zibulevsky from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

Recommendation to Program participants: “Do whatever you like. Initially, it may be difficult to understand where your heart belongs, but once you see it, do it”.


Today (2012): An assistant professor at the University of Lugano, Switzerland, and a research scientist at Intel (following the acquisition in 2012 of the Israel startup company Invision based on my technology)



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