Technion Program for Excellence

Nadav Cohen / Electrical Engineering, Mathematics

Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: 2008-2012


How did you benefit from the academic support?

I followed a personally tailored curriculum towards a double B.Sc in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. The curriculum was built with the assistance of faculty members from both disciplines.  My Electrical Engineering studies included special emphasis on Signal and Image Processing, and Computer Vision in particular.”


Did you carry out some research?

My final undergraduate project in Electrical Engineering consisted of research and development of methods for monocular visual navigation (navigation based on a single moving camera).


Do you have any recommendations for the students of the program and/or future candidates?

Try not to focus on grades too much.  The undergraduate studies will serve as a basis in the years to come. Try to build the strongest foundations you can.


Today (2015):

Ph.D student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  My research focuses on the development of a new Deep Learning architecture that generalizes existing methods.  The architecture, called SimNets, bridges the gap between Deep Learning and kernel methods from statistical Machine Learning.

Nadav Cohen