Technion Program for Excellence

Ruhi Abdallah / Biology, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Medicine

First degree in Medicine, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Biology at the Technion.

Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 2004- July 2008.

“This program is really a unique one, it gives the student a lot of opportunities to fulfill his ambitions and help him to overcome the “administrative” and financial obstacles in the academic field, by this amazing program I succeeded to learn many subjects (medicine ,physics ,biology,..) simultaneously broadening my knowledge in many different disciplines which at the beginning of my academic journey it seemed to be impossible, thus with this rich academic background which I have got through this program I feel more confident to deal with many academic issues and challenges and to be combined with sophisticated researches in the future”.

“I am trying to apply this multi-disciplinary knowledge to techno-medical projects. For example: to improve the existing medical imaging techniques and a new methods to cure diseases”.

Recommendation to Program participants: “It is your ticket to the future, exploit every second of it!!!….”.

Today (2012): Ruhi is in his last year of medical studies .

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