Technion Program for Excellence

Sally Tadmor / Physics

First degree in Physics at the Technion.

Second degree in Computer Science at the Technion.


Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 1995 – June 1998.


Included multi-disciplinary studies in her first degree curriculum.

Her second degree in Computer Science and is on the subject: “Specification language for information systems on the Internet“,under the supervision of Prof. Eliezer Kantorowitz from the Technion faculty of Computer Science. The aim of the research is to prove the possibility of constructing a user interface for a data base, from a formal specification of the interface.


Today (2012):¬†After her master’s degree in computer science, has turned to life coaching including academic coaching. For instance, some of her clients are studying for their master’s and doctor’s degree at the Technion.


Recommendation to Program participants:¬†“It is worthwhile being in contact with more advanced students or those doing a second degree. This will enable you to keep a correct perspective. Take courses from a number of disciplines – you may be surprised!”


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