Technion Program for Excellence

Shlomo Shperling / Computer Science

About myself: I was born in 1988 at the Stanford University campus, where my father was studying for a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. We came back to Israel in 1992, where I grew up in a small settlement in Judea and Samaria.
I have studied Tora for eleven years in Yeshiva schools.  And later have also taught Talmud and Jewish Religious Law (Halacha) in a Yeshiva in Moscow, Russia. I have also been ordained as a Rabbi by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, after passing successfully the rigorous tests of  the Chief Rabbinate of Israel (Heichal Shlomo).
After finishing my religious studies, I studied computer science for two years in a technical college – the Lev Institute and in 2015 I have joined the Technion Excellence program.

Personal traits:  I have a natural curiosity and love to explore different ways of thinking. I like to see the relationship between different areas of science, and the relationship between traditional knowledge and modern knowledge in the arts and science. Other serious hobbies include writing poetry, yoga and martial arts.