Technion Program for Excellence

Davis Birman Tobias / Computer Science, Mathematics

About myself: I was born in 2001 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since I can remember I was involved with “Bnei Akiva”, so when I turned 15 I decided I would come to Israel with the “Naale” program. I came to the Anières Elite Academy Program where I studied my high school. There I majored physics, computer engineering and planning & programming of systems. I was also exposed to robophysics and took part on the “Aero in the Valley” project. When I finished high school I decided to study a year in Yeshivat Hakotel and now I am doing Atuda (a degree prior to the military program). Since childhood I always loved Math and when I came to Israel I met my second big interest: Computer Science. I’m looking forward to the program to open my horizons.

Hobbies and other activities: I like to hang out with friend and to read a lot. I am also interested in jewiss studies and psychology.

When did you start the program?: Winter 2020.