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Gai Shaked / Computer Science, Physics

First degree in Physics & Computer science at the Technion.


Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: 2008-2011


During his studies, Gai enjoyed the flexible curriculum that the Program allows, and studied AI together with algorithms which is a prerequisite, and also took a seminar on quantum computation in the math department. Then during his 2nd year, and following a lecture he gave to the program, he started a research project under the guidance of professor Alon Itai. They studied different ways to automatically add pronunciation dots (NIKUD) to Hebrew names, and finally came up with few algorithms which worked well together on most of the names. A paper summarizing this project was presented on ISCOL 2010.



Recommendation to Program participants: “Enjoy life while you study, and while you’re here try to take at least one course on every subject you find interesting (it will be much harder after you finish your degree or even on your masters/Phd).”



Today (2012) Gai is working as a software engineer at Google.