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Ofer Gadish / Electrical Engineering

First degree in Computer Engineering at the Technion.
Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 1996 – June 1998.

In the course of his studies in the Program Ofer did research under the direction of Prof. Nahum Shimkin from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering on the subject of “Delayed Reinforcement Learning in a multi-agent system“. Together with two additional Program graduates (Uri Kareev and Uri Tal) a system was constructed. They developed a simulator where multiple agents had to learn to cooperate to achieve a goal. The system was based on a recent (then) publication in the field, utilizing Delayed-Reinfocement Learning algorithms.

as amember of the Excellence Program, Ofer was able to balance his courses based on personal preferences (He spend more time on certain subjects and less on other subjects, even if they were a “must” for getting the degree): “The program was a “door opener” when  had special requests”.

The Program gave him the chance of mingling and networking with other program members, share ideas and learn together.


About the Program: “Over and above the outstanding professional knowledge I acquired at the Technion, the Program taught me that “original” thinking and initiative open new horizons.”

Recommendation to participants in the Program: “Try to think how you would change the standard curriculum in order to enable you to progress faster, broadening your horizons on the one hand, and concentrating on subjects that interest you, on the other. The sky is the limit. Don’t be afraid to ask for anything. The professors in the Technion take the program very seriously and truly try to help its members”.


Today (2018): CEO & Co-Founder at CloudEndure.

Ofer was the General Manager of Limelight Israel, after Limelight had acquired AcceloWeb which he co-founded.

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