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הרצאת פרופ' מיכל אירני, מכון ויצמן - Blind” Visual Inference"

שלישי, 25/04/2017, 17:30, הנדסת חשמל, בניין מאייר, חדר 815

In this talk I will show how “blind” visual inference can be performed by exploiting the internal redundancy inside a single visual datum (whether an image or a video).  The strong recurrence of patches inside a single image/video provides a powerful data-specific prior for solving complex tasks in a “blind” manner. The term “blind” here is used with a double meaning: (i) Blind in the sense that we can make sophisticated inferences about things we have never seen before, in a totally unsupervised way, with no prior examples or training data; and  (ii) Blind in the sense that we can solve complex Inverse-Problems, even when the forward degradation model is unknown.

I will show the power of  this approach through a variety of example problems (as time permits), including:

  1. "Blind Optics" — recover optical properties of the unknown sensor, or optical properties of the unknown environment. This in turn gives rise to Blind-Deblurrimg, Blind Super-Resolution, and Blind-Dehazing.
  2. Segmentation of unconstrained videos and images.
  3. Detection of complex objects and actions (with no prior examples or training).