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Danny Eytan / Medicine

First degree in Medicine at the Technion.

MD PhD in Biophysics at the Technion.


Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: 2000- 2001.


Danny used the Program to take many courses which were not a part of the ordinary curriculum of the Medical School – courses in biology, electrical engineering and probability.
He did research during his undergraduate studies in genetics under the guidance of Prof. Adi Salzberg and a PhD under the guidance of Prof. Shimon Marom from the Medicine Faculty on the study of dynamics, synchronization and adaptation in large networks of cortical neurons.


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Recommendation to Program participants: "Take as many courses as you can outside the "ordinary" track you are studying".


Today (2018): Danny is a Staff Physician, Pediatric Critical Care Unit at Rambam Medical Center.

Danny Eytan