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Danny Rasin / Mathematics, Computer Engineering

B.Sc. in Computer Engineering (2014)
B.Sc. in Mathematics (2014)

M.Sc in Computer Science in the field of Formal Verification (Concurrent Software Model Checking), under the supervision of Prof. Orna Grumberg and Dr. Sharon Shoham (2018).


  • Generating Tests by Example. VMCAI 2018 – Hila Peleg, Dan Rasin, Eran Yahav
  • Generating Modulo-2 Linear Invariants for Hardware Model Checking, HVC 2014 – Gadi Aleksandrowicz, Alexander Ivrii, Oded Margalit, Dan Rasin

Submitted (at the time of writing):

  • Modular Verification of Concurrent Programs via Sequential Model Checking  – Dan Rasin, Orna Grumberg, Sharon Shoham

Significant Projects:


I love the outdoors, and enjoy all sorts of sports.
I also have great interests in languages (and I speak Hebrew, English, Russian and German).


My recommendation for program participants: Don't be afraid to ask questions, explore, and always aim high.
But more importantly, don't forget to have fun during your studies.
There are amazing talented people around you. Interact, form connections, and do great things together.




Current Status (May 2018): Working on the Google Duplex project as a software engineer in Google, Tel Aviv.

Danny Rasin