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Danny Veikherman / Electrical Engineering, Physics

BSc in Electrical Engineering and Physics at the Technion. 

MSc in Electrical Engineering at the Technion.


Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: 2007-2011

Danny has participated in plenty of advanced graduate courses.

He also built a "segway" shaped robot with another student in the program as a part of a control project in their spare time during his first semesters.

Following the MEMS course (Micro Electro mechanical systems), Danny took part in a research conducted by his Program Advisor, Prof. Yael Nemirovsky. His part in the research was to analyze the Electo-Mechanic Behavior of the micro-system using various software such as Multiphisics COMSOL etc.


Recommendation to Program participants: "As I see it, the most important contribution of the Program to my studies was the possibility to have an advisor. Prof. Yael Namirovsky, my advisor during most part of my degree, has done a great deal to help me with all academic and non-academic topics that I've come to consult with her about. Use all the options the program offers.

On another note, DON'T study yourself to death!

You must understand that hobbies and rest are at least as important as studying and sometimes even more so. Remember that the first degree is only a phase, so don't let yourselves sink into oblivion. Live and enjoy yourselves and don't delay your life till the end of the degree."


Today (2018): Danny is a research scientist at Amazon.

Previously, Danny worked as an R&D Engineer at Rafael.

Danny Veikherman