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Gilad Altshuler / Computer Science, Medicine

About myself: I was born in 1995 and raised in Ra'anana.

During high school I majored Physics and Computer Science studies. Throughout my Computer Science studies, I participated in several lectures at Weizmann Institute program. In addition, I did research work in Systems Programming that I presented to a forum of researchers and participated in the Oracle Computer Science competition.

After graduation and a one – year "Mechina", I began a 7-year service as a Naval Officer ("Course Hovlim"), commanded in a Navy battleship and thereafter I took role of weapons-development-projects manager at the Navy's headquarter.

During my last role I took several courses at the Open University in CS and Psychology, which gave me the initial excitement about multidisciplinary approaches. I'm sure that my enthusiasm will be expanded even more by the program.


Hobbies and other activities:  I love to brew home-made beer which I enjoy a lot. I like to play on my guitar since I know myself, read about almost every scientific / technologic topic, traveling or just being with friends.

Recently, I have been volunteering as campaign manager of a non-profit organization ("Tofsim Kivun") – an association that promotes the employment market among people from the periphery.


When did you start the program?: Winter 2021.