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Lotem Kirsht / Architecture and Town Planning

About myself:

I grew up in Kibbutz Magen in the Negev, and though I'm currently living in Haifa the Kibbutz will always be my home.    

I think architecture is the Eco-tone between art and engineering and it has the best part of each.

The program helps me focus on my studies on the one hand and find my particular field of interest on the other.  It gives me the opportunity to get a 'head start'. 



What year did you start the program: winter 2010


Projects that are not part of the standard curriculum:

I assembled my curriculum by choosing courses from the graduate program and the landscape architecture program that would give better grounds for researching architecture in extreme climatic conditions, and in particular- desert architecture.

In the last year I have had the chance to expand my knowledge in the field of landscape architecture. I had studied the use of vegetation in extreme conditions and participated in a competition for an urban garden in Natanya (winners not published yet).

My final project in a graduate sustainability course was researching the existing methods for storm water management in different scales: from urban planning to architectural details.


Hobbies and other activities:

Ever since I can remember, Art has been a major part of my life. I have been training in martial arts all my life alongside sculpting and painting. I also love scuba diving and extreme hiking.  

Recommendations: “Enjoy the freedom you have from the beginning to study your particular field of interest. In later years this knowledge can become a foundation for research projects and cool innovative ideas!”

Lotem Kirsht