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Ofer Rossmann Ronen /

First degree in Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion. Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 2004 - October 2008.   Ofer took special "custom made" points, aimed at architectural competitions. He did a special project: the design competition of the central street of Ramat Hasharon "Sokolov". It won 3rd place in the municipality, and was also presented and published in the "Merchav" exhibition in Tel-Aviv. Ofer also won, with another student, first place in a competition in his faculty. He says that every project starts with a research. The deepest and most significant one for him dealt with "The city's edge".   In the frame of the faculty of Architecture, Ofer benefited from the program in two ways:
  • He got to choose the best teachers (instructors) for the main "Project" and navigated his way through the faculty - walking through the path that interested him the most.
  • He also got to initiate a special project and earn extra points - the program helps opening doors, and the instructors mostly feel proud they are chosen and reply enthusiastically."
Recommendation to Program participants: "Set your goals and aim for them. The program is as resilient and resourceful as you are. If you won't initiate, you can just linger. If you do, you'll benefit immensely!"   Today (2012): Ofer has his own practice with two partners. He is also teaching now at the Architecture faculty at the Technion.   My homapage
Ofer Rossmann Ronen