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Roy Holland / Aerospace Engineering

First degree in Aerospace Engineering at the Technion.


Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 2005- July 2008.


During his 3rd semester Roy started taking graduate courses and did it all the way till graduation.

In the last 3 semesters of his studies, he was involved in a research project under the supervision of Prof. Ari Laor from the Physics Faculty on Galactic Dynamics. In this project they tried to found an elegant semi analytical solution to the formation of spiral structure in galaxies.


Recommendation to Program participants: "The only important character in my view for "the average" excellent student (average-excellent :-)) is to always be curious about everything at all times. All the other things will come".


Today (2012): After working in the Aerospace industry in the field of UAVs (R&D), Roy is now studying Medicine at the Technion.