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Vered Konigsberg-Bengio / Architecture and Town Planning

 First degree in Architecture and Town-Planning at the Technion.



Participated in the Excellence Program: 2008-2011


Being a student in the Program, Vered was able to attend courses from graduate studies, and complete part of the requirements for Msc. in Architecture. This move helped her focus on her field of research, and to prepare a research proposal which she intends to carry into a full research in the near future. The research proposal suggests examining the phenomenon of contractual construction for housing in Israel, as realized since the 90's and forward, and its relationship with the discipline Architecture.


In addition, the program enabled her to join highly-requested courses already in the early stages of her studies, and therefore allowed her to improve her skills and knowledge in a much higher pace.


Recommendations for the program students: "Try to go beyond the limits of your faculty, inside and outside of the Technion…Use the program to gain interdisciplinary skills and knowledge."



Today (2012): Vered has recently (end of 2011) given birth to a girl, and she is also about to start her internship in a leading Architecture firm soon.

In the near future she intends to "go back to school", and complete her Masters degree in Architecture.

Vered Konigsberg-Bengio