Technion Program for Excellence

Erel Segal the Levite / Computer Science

First degree in Computer Engineering at the Technion.

MSc in Computer Engineering at the Technion.


Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 1993 – June 1997.

Erel started his second degree studies while he was still an undergraduate student. His curriculum included research in collaboration with Refael (Israeli military industries) on “Finding an orbit for aircraft with the aid of graph theory algorithms”. He served as a programming officer in the air force.


Recommendations: “The fact that the Program finances all of your needs allows you to dedicate all of your time to your studies. Make use of this time and study as much as you can, don’t “waste” time working, this part of life will never come back!”


Today (2012): Erel is a research assistant in the CS department at Bar-Ilan university, researching natural language processing and intelligent negotiation systems


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