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Friends of the Program

Caesarea Rothschild Foundation (2015 – 2021)
The Caesarea Rothschild Foundation works to create a better Israeli society, through the advancement of higher education and social commitment.

Since its establishment, the Foundation has contributed hundreds of millions of shekels to establish and lead innovative initiatives throughout the country. Tens of thousands of young people, children, Jews and Arabs, observant and secular, native-born Israelis and new immigrants have reached higher education, excelled and led through the broad range of programs supported by the Foundation. Alongside the scholarship programs, the program to make higher education accessible and innovative programs for youth at risk, the Foundation has also promoted academic excellence through support of innovative research, returning scientists and the establishment of research centers at universities and colleges.

In addition to its activities in higher education, the Caesarea Rothschild Foundation annually contributes to local councils in the vicinity of Caesarea to promote a wide range of projects in the area of education.


The Chais Family Foundation (1996 – 2008)
“The Chais Family Foundation supported the Technion Excellence Program from the moment it was established for more than a decade and a half. I still remember the first time I met Stanley Chais. He posed the following questions: ‘What are the program’s objectives and what are the existing problems of the program that I can help solve? How can we select students for this program and what are the metrics and the criteria for their achievements? What are the criteria for success in this program?’

In addition to Stanley Chais’ desire to support the Technion and Israel, he wanted to ensure that his contribution would be directed to the young generation and generate direct results for a better future for Israel. I am a strong supporter of those interested in supporting us through real interest in the process and in the fruits of their contribution while taking an active interest. Stanley first examined our activities to guarantee his active participation in this new experience and then in order to ensure (as much as possible) that the effort justified the objectives. This idea is very encouraging.

Stanley, his wife, Pamela, and their son, Mark, came to visit the students in the Program at least once a year. It was interesting to see how the interaction developed: They would begin speaking in a friendly and direct manner with the students. They could converse on the subject of science intelligently, discuss the problems raised by the students and give their opinion on a wide range of subjects including their personal interests in science, technology and in the problem facing Israeli society today.”

Prof. Nimrod Moiseyev providing a personal note about the support of and the special relationship with the Chais family.