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    The Technion Excellence Program

    The Technion Excellence Program offers its students a personalized academic study program designed to exploit their curiosity and creativity and enable them to focus intensively on different knowledge areas.

    The Technion Excellence Program candidates must be capable of and have a keen interest in learning “differently”, following a personalized and unique study program, which enables them to deepen and broaden their knowledge in a range of knowledge areas.

    The Formula

    • Hat

      An academic study program leading to an undergraduate degree in the Technion’s science and/or engineering faculties

    • Puzzle

      A unique personalized and flexible study program

    • Advise

      The possibility of studying for an undergraduate degree in a number of faculties in parallel

    • Laboratory

      Participating in graduate courses and research while studying for an undergraduate degree

    • Presentation

      Lecture series, enrichment and exposure to additional knowledge areas

    • Individual mentoring by a senior faculty member throughout the course of studies

    • present

      Tuitions and dorm fees are waived; students also receive monthly financial support scholarships. These benefits enable students in the Program to devote maximal time to their academic tasks.