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Ariel Gordon / Physics

First and second degrees in Physics at the Technion.

PhD in Electrical Engineering at the Technion with Professor Baruch Fischer as an advisor, and his thesis title is:

Statistical Mechanics Approach and Order-Disorder Phenomena in Nonlinear Many-Mode Optical Systems.

Post-doc Associate in the Optics and Quantum Electronics Group of the Research Lab of Electronics at MIT.

Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 1995 – February 1998.

Ariel started his second degree while still an undergraduate. In the framework of his master’s thesis in theoretical physics, under the supervision of Prof. Yosi Avron, he extended the Born-Oppenheimer approximation in molecules to a case which was previously considered to be beyond it.


 About the Program: “The main contribution of the Program was the encouragement and incentive it provided to study matters profoundly and to take advanced courses. I acquired an excellent capacity for learning and a great deal of knowledge in multi-disciplinary matters.”


Recommendation to Program participants: “Haste is of the devil’s making. One should study thoroughly and in depth and give every matter time and thought. One should select interesting courses and fully utilize the academic advantages that the program affords.”.


Ariel Worked as a Chief Researcher in a startup company named Cortica (founded by Technion graduates).

Today (2018): Ariel is a software engineer at Google.

Ariel Gordon