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Avner Pinchover / Architecture and Town Planning

Graduated  Architecture in May 2012


He was in the program: 2004-2012


With the help of the program, Avner created a self-tailored curriculum focusing on the connections between architecture, cinema and art. He took courses in film studies at Tel Aviv University and art courses in Haifa University. In his final project, all disciplines were integrated.


In 2005 Avner was awarded the Olsen and Messinas Travel Fellowship to Greece. His research focused on public space in the Dodecanese islands villages, through drawing and photography. The result was a small exhibition held in the faculty. Read my research proposal here.


Avner’s Recommendations:

To future candidates – apply if you want academic freedom.

To student of the program – use this freedom to study whatever you want.

To all students at the Technion – don’t forget to live!!


Currently Avner is a self-employed Marketing and Advertising professional.


he part of the “Untitled” group of artists and designers. My contributions can be found here.

Avner Pinchover