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Chai Molina / Mathematics, Physics

First degree in Physics and Mathematics at the Technion.
MSc in Theoretical & Mathematical Biology at Tel-Aviv University.
PhD in Mathematical Biology at McMaster University under the supervision of Prof. David Earn


Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 2002 – February 2007.

Chai was drafted in 2005 and had two additional courses to do, which he completed in 2007

Chai included advanced courses in his undergraduate curriculum without or at the same time as their prerequisites.

He took the physics project course, in which he worked on the thermal casimir effect.


Recommendation to Program participants: “The program is a great environment to get exposed to what’s going on in the forefront of scientific research –  and get some hands on experience, but you have to actively choose to do that. If you want to see how doing (and not just studying) science feels like -and that’s one of the program’s major goals – then you have to do some research. Look at the websites of some of the faculty members you think might be doing interesting things, read a few papers (or at least some abstracts). Check how they’re rated in their field (for example, check if they’ve published in some of the better scientific papers, e.g. nature..), ask other program members who’ve been there longer than you or contact some program Alumni. Find yourself someone you want to work under. Odds are he or she’ll jump at the opportunity – there are many subjects that don’t require years of study before you can even read a paper. Other than this, taking advanced courses and seminars is a great way to get to know new subjects and obtain a new perspective on basic material”.


Today (2017): Chai is currently a postdoc at the International Institute for Applied System Analysis and Princeton University (jointly) working on game-theoretic modelling of international environmental agreements.

Chai Molina