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Dan Raviv / Electrical Engineering, Mathematics

First degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science at the Technion.

MSc in Computer Science at the Technion.
A PhD student in Computer Science at the Technion.


Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 2003 – October 2006.


Dan came to the Technion after a long service in the army. He always loved math and computers so he did his B.A. in Math and Computer Science. As his B.A. came to an end he took some advance courses and did a project in Geometry Manifolds under the supervision of Prof. Ron Kimmel. The project was about finding syndroms at babies and embryos with collberation of Carmel hospital.

Dan finished his first degree and continued toward a master in Coputer Science in a field that he found to be the best of both. His M.Sc. was in the field of computational geometry in the CS faculty.

Dan defined and calculated intrinsic symmetries, which are actually symmetries of bendable surfaces.


Today (2012): Dan is currently working on non-rigid shape analysis under different metrics. He is a member of the Geometry Image Processing (GIP) lab, where they try to answer fundamental problems of shape retrieval, correspondence search and self symmetries of bendable surfaces. 


Recommendation to Program participants: “In the Excellence Program you will find some of the best minds in the Thecnion, for the best advices you just need to know whom to ask what. It is very important to find one / two fileds and take advance course in them as soon as possible. Asking the right people the right questions must not be taken for granted. Do not be afraid to ask for advice, but remember that what worked for others may not work for you”.

Dan Raviv