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Eyal Bairey / Mathematics, Physics

Participated in the excellence program: 2012-2015.

During my studies in the Excellence program I took my first steps in academic research under the supervision of Prof. Roy Kishony from the Biology and Computer Science departments who taught me a great deal. We investigated how diversity in natural ecosystems is affected by high-order interactions, where the interaction between any two species is modulated by additional species. I then continued to an MSc. in condensed matter under the supervision of the Excellence Program Almunus Prof. Netanel Lindner. We found that applying a high-frequency AC electric field to a weakly disordered conductor can turn it into a very strong insulator, due to the phenomenon of localization.

Recommendation to program participants: if you have a chance to publish your research, pursue it – you can learn a lot from the writing process.

Today (2018): I am continuing to a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Lindner.

Eyal Bairey