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Gal Fadida / Electrical Engineering

About myself:

I am 25 years old. I was born in Haifa but moved to the states when I was 12 years old, after my graduation from high school I decided to come back home and have been here ever since. I currently live in the Technion dorms.

My official major is aerospace engineering but I am taking courses from both the mathematics and physics faculty. I’m currently debating about doing a double major and adding on mathematics.

What year did you start the program: 2010

Hobbies and other activities: Science and all its forms, spear fishing (there is a sunken ship next to bat galim with nice size fish hanging around it.), scuba diving, photography, hiking, fencing, looking for orchids in the spring, and the rest of the everyday stuff like movies, music etc…

My projects: Every now and again I get a new craze. A couple of years ago I was into scientific photography and took some interesting pictures involving infra-red sticklights and night vision. I also took a one hour long exposure photo where one can tell his latitude without using Polaris. The past year I have been building peculiar trusses that support wine bottles. My latest creation is a transformation from R3 to half of the unit sphere in R4 (a sort of extension on the Riemann sphere). I have more ideas waiting in line to break through the realm of thought and into our world.

Recommendation: I think the main idea is to have a good time. Once that is accomplished all else is dwarfed. In our everyday life fear drives a lot of our choices and we should be aware of that subconscious current and avoid going along with it whenever is possible. One should not excel because of fear of failure but because of love for what one does. Failure under the normal definition is no failure at all. In the end we are on our own and things of quality are not effected by outside influence.

We are very privileged individuals. I don’t think there exists a better way to elevate oneself from the mundane existence of everyday life like the pursuit of knowledge. I try not to forget that.


Interesting trusses: 


The long exposure (try to calculate where this picture was taken, longitude: 78° 15′ 0″ E, latitude?)

Interesting long exposure (for info on how the object was positioned in the frame in pitch black you can e-mail me)


Fadida Gal