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Omer Granek / Mathematics

First degree in Mathematics.

Participated in the Technion Excellence Program:Winter 2016 – Spring 2019.

Today(2022): I am currently a PhD candidate at the Department of Physics at Technion.

Recommendation to Program participants: Try to merge content from different disciplines into a single consistent picture. Try to bridge the language gap between competing schools of thought. More often than not, they describe similar mechanisms.


Omer’s page and publications.


About myself: I was born in 1995. Growing up, natural sciences, especially physics, became an inseparable part of my perspective. Later on, I was exposed to mathematics and a whole new way of thinking. My objectives are to gain the privilege to engage in scientific activity, and to learn as much as possible along the way.

Hobbies and other activities: I enjoy playing the piano and other keyboard instruments, appreciating music and musical theatre, scuba diving, travelling and hiking. I am an aviation enthusiast, aiming to obtain pilot certification.