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Sigal Saphier-Sharabani / Chemistry

First degree in Chemistry at the Technion.
PhD (direct) in Chemistry at the Technion.


Participated in Technion Excellence Program: October 1993 – June 1996.
Starting at her second year of undergraduate studies, Sigal began to do research in “catalytic antibodies” under the direction of Prof. Ehud Keinan from the Faculty of Chemistry, where she later on continued on her PhD studies.

Sigal went after her second year as a visiting student to The Scripps Research Institute at Keinan’s lab at La-Holla California.

She collaborated in a number of articles published in the scientific press. As she had developed a deep interest in this research, once she completed her undergraduate studies, she decided to proceed directly to her doctorate in organic chemistry.

During her doctorate studies, Sigal was the recipient of the Special excellence scholarship from the Gutwirt foundation for Ph.D. students.

After earning her Ph.D., Sigal worked for two years as a Medicinal / Organic chemistry Scientist, at QBI.

Since 2004, Sigal works at IIBR, in the multidisciplinary field of drug delivery. Previously, she was engaged in work on the relation between molecular structure and activity or physicochemical properties in the context of medicinal chemistry.

During her first year at IIBR, Sigal received the Kazir Scholarship.


About the Program: “I have no doubt that the interdisciplinary research I am doing today was facilitated by my interdisciplinary studies through which I accumulated a great deal of knowledge of chemistry and biology.”


Recommendation to Program participants: “Utilize the freedom you are given and do not be shy to make requests. I recommend strongly taking advantage of the possibilities the program has to offer as much as possible. Talk to as many advisors as possible and meet people from different disciplines. Enjoy all the program has to offer. Participating in the program in my opinion is an “admission card” to wherever they wish.

Today (2017): Sigal is a researcher at the Israel Institute of Biological Research (IIBR).

Sigal Saphier-Sharabani