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Uri Tal / Electrical Engineering

First and second degrees in Electrical Engineering at the Technion.

Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 1994 – February 1998.
Courses from advanced studies were integrated into Uri’s curriculum and, in effect, during the course of his first degree he accumulated almost all the credits required for his second degree. He did his research, under the direction of Dr. Yitzhak Birk from the Faculty of EE on “Satellite networks and multimedia” and under the direction of Prof. Nahum Shimkin from the EE faculty on Machine-learning.

About the Program: “The main thing the Program gave me was the academic and research experience I acquired, and not necessarily my practical work in electronics.”

Recommendation to Program participants: “You should use your head and not wait for things to happen on their own. One must take an interest and be curious, speak to people, initiate things, attend lectures on various subjects, produce ideas for projects and scientific research. This will undoubtedly make the studies more interesting and gratifying.Use this period of time to exploit everything the academia and in particular the excellence program has to offer you. Engage in research early, be involved in projects, go to a variety of lectures. There will be enough time in the future to narrow down to the specific area that interests you the most”.

Thesis subject: “Power Diversity for Maximum Delay-constrained Throughput in ALOHA Networks with Successive Decoding”, under the supervision of Dr. Yitzhak Birk.


Uri has 19 years of development and management experience in the semiconductor industry, with an emphasis on hardware acceleration, hardware design and system architecture. He founded Rocketick nine years ago and has been its CEO. He then sold Rocketick to Cadence 1.5 years ago.
Rocketick revolutionized the chip verification world by bringing acceleration to the fingertips of every engineer. Its product, Rocketsim, is the world’s first CPU-based (multi-core x86) and GPU-based logic simulation off-load engine (GPU-Graphics Processing Unit). Unlike existing accelerators, Rocketsim is a highly cost-effective solution. It is a pure software-product that runs on commercial off the shelf x86 servers, with or without low cost GPUs that are widely available from nVidia. Rocketsim is completely transparent to the user and can attach and accelerate any existing simulator currently in the market, without requiring the user to change his code, scripts or environment.

Today (2017): Works at Cadence (the company that acquired the company that I founded, Rocketick).
Specialties: Company general management, Entrepreneurship, VC fund raising, Strategic business development, Strategic partnerships, Hardware acceleration, system architecture, performance optimizations. Implementation of complex algorithms in HW (ASIC/FPGA).


Uri Tal