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Meeting of graduates and undergraduates of the Excellence Program

cAs part of the unique characteristic of the Excellence Program, we decided, for the first time in the Program's history, to conduct a meeting between undergraduates, graduates and faculty members who are taking an active role in the Program's activities through the years.

This event has number of goals: 

1. To maintain the family oriented nature of the Program, a members club with its own pride.

2. An opportunity for the Program's undergraduates & graduates to get together, to get updated and exchange experience in a comfortable environment.

3. Stimulate curiosity, exchange information and brainstorm ideas between the graduates, undergraduates and the faculty members.

bThe meeting included:

* A "Forgery in art" lecture by Dr. Doron Lurie, curator of  the Tel-Aviv Art Museum

* Discussion groups of the Program’s graduates, undergraduates and faculty members

The idea for the meeting emerged in participation of Program's graduates Shay Tal, Elad Barkan, Ofer Gadish and Yoav Berlatzky. There was aan informal meeting in Prof. Moiseyev office. During that meeting a number of ideas have been raised  until a few hours later the main idea was formalized.
Creating discussion groups that will discus issues that are in the forefront  of the  technological and scientific agenda. In each group there will be a philosophical discussion in the issues that will stir the curiosity of the participants and that will enable A discussion of  quality, expression of ideas and views with room left for thinking.
The subjects and the hosts were carefully selected and to each participant a list of discussion groups was sent. The participants were asked to choose the groups they are interested in.