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Mr. Chais recieves an Honorary Doctor

2546521835_BigThe board of Governors 2008 gave Mr. Chais a honorary Doctor degree.

The students of the Program were proud to be in the ceremony.

This is what was said about Mr. Chais:

:In tribute to your magnificent support of education in the Jewish world, in Israel and particularly at the Technion through the imaginative sponsorship of the acclaimed Chais Family Foundation Program for Exceptionally Gifted Students, on which you have lavished much personal love and care; in high esteem for your pioneering role in promoting the mission of venture capital in the nurturing of Israel's high-technology industries; and in admiration for your deep concern for the disadvantaged, the new immigrants, and critical social issues in the United States, in Israel and throughout the Jewish world."

We would like to thank Mr. Chais for all he has done and is doing!!!