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Adi Bamberger / Architecture and Town Planning

About myself: I am a 9th-generation Jerusalemite (on my mother's side), and love to wander its streets and neighborhoods and observe the many layers that exist simultaneously in it. Every time I return to Haifa, the freshness and crispness air of the Jerusalem air stays with me and inspires me in my studies at the Technion.
I study in the faculty of Architecture and Town Planning. Since a very young age, I noticed the great impact the space I'm in has on my feelings and my well-being. The decision to take architectural studies stemmed from my desire to create spaces in which people would feel good. My interests range on the scale between the Exact Sciences which I relate to for their legality, rigorousness and logic, and the different forms of art, where you can experience a greater sense of freedom and be committed to the truth at the same time. I like the diversity of the Architectural program which incorporates all of these elements.
This is my first year in the Excellence Program, and I hope that the possibilities it opens will enrich my world and allow me to showcase more sensibility and intricacy in my architectural design projects.

When did you start the program: Winter 2011.

Hobbies and other activities: I have been dancing ever since I can remember myself. I trained at the Academy of Classical Ballet and took Contemporary Dance lessons as well. For me, dance opens up a world of expression when words no longer suffice. I see a connection between the daring, openness and climactic moments I experience while dancing to the ones I aspire to reach in my artistic architectural creation. That’s the reason I continue to dance, and it's my second year on the official Technion Dance Group.

Adi Bamberger