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Adi Hanuka / Electrical Engineering

BSc in Electrical Engineering.

PhD in Electrical-Engineering at the Technion, 2018.

Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 2011 – June 2013.

Adi graduated her BSc in EE summa cum laude, and continued to the direct track to PhD, focusing on particle accelerators. She performs theoretical and experimental research at Technion and Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC), respectively.

Throughout her career Adi has undertaken interdisciplinary medical projects that span beyond her PhD. Among these, she developed image-processing algorithms for diagnostics of CT scans at Infosys (India); physiological research of breast tumors at BrainLab (Germany); and worked with the Chief Scientist of InSightec (Israel) on focused ultrasound solutions entailing material-engineering.

Serving in the IDF as a Lieutenant, Adi graduated as valedictorian from the Intelligence Corp’s officer’s course. Commanding over forty staff members, she received the Award for Unique Duty Fulfillment. Over the years Adi has received 27 awards of excellence, and dedicates much effort to promoting women in science.

Selected Honors and Awards:

§   The Weisman Prize & the Jacknow Award for Continuous Excellence in Teaching (top 5 teachers at Technion), 2017
§   The Ariane de Rothschild Scholarship (Rothchild-Caesarea Foundation), 2014-2017
§   Bi-national Science Foundation (BSF) – The Prof. Rahamimoff Travel Grant program for young scientists, 2017
§   65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, Israel Representative (Young Scientists category), 2015
§   US Particle Accelerator School Scholarship, University of Texas, 2015
§   Freud Excellence Award for PhD students at the EE Department, Technion, 2015
§   Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge (TIIC) Europe Analog Design Contest – Top 20 finalists, 2014
§   Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU), held by President Bill Clinton, Washington University, 2013
§   Israel Ministry of Science Scholarship for Women in Science, 2013
§   Meyer Scholarship for Undergraduate Outstanding Students, 2009-2013

Hobbies and other activities:
My great love is dancing and languages. I played for one year at the Technion Rugby team – "Lady Wild Boars".