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Aldana Grichener / Physics

About myself: I love science. I have always loved science. When I was a little girl, I used to look at the stars and wonder how infinite the universe really is. That interest brought me to participate in a 2 years pilot project in the studies of advanced physics. During high school, I took part in various competitions, part of them conducted at the Weizmann institute. When I was 15, I was elected to fly to France in a delegation of teenagers from all over the world.
I served for 2 years in the C4I Corps of the IDF, in which I have acquired knowledge about electronic systems and satellites. Fortunately, I have been discharged a day before the beginning of the semester. Now, I am eager to delve into the fascinating world of science.

When did you start the program: I joined the program at winter 2015.

Hobbies and other activities: My second great passion after science is writing, which I find deeply satisfying.

Projects I am doing that are not part of the standard curriculum: During my first summer at the Technicon, I worked on a project in astrophysics under the supervision of Prof. Noam Soker. We wrote a paper on CCNSRs, which currently appears on the ADS, and we hope to conduct some numerical simulations in the future. I continue working on the ideas described in our paper, recently from the field of PNe.