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Alon Granek / Technion Excellence Program

About Myself: I was born in 2002 and graduated from Hof HaCarmel school, Maagan Michael.

In high school, I undertook a technological Bagrut project as well as a supervised physics one at the Technion. These and other endeavors have induced in me an intense fascination around mathematical fields.

Driven and having graduated, I continued the physics research with the supervisor and in parallel conducted various personal projects. These included physical simulation development, analytical modelling and algorithmic fields.

My interest took yet another leap in breadth and intensity throughout my service researching in algorithm engineering within the Intelligence Directorate. Intriguing discussions with academics and academic freedom have inspired me to voluntarily continue working for numerous daily post-work hours out of research interest. Around that time I also volunteered as a high school maths tutor.

Hobbies and activities: Outside academic interests, I enjoy drawing, reading and swimming; also appreciating music production, nature trivia and visual arts and design. At free nights I love going to friendly clubs, dancing and taking urban strolls.

When did you start the program?  Winter 2023.