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Amir Rosen / Electrical Engineering

First, second and third degrees in Electrical Engineering at the Technion.

Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 1994 – February 1998.

Amir completed both his first and second degrees during the four year period of studies in the program. In addition to advanced courses his curriculum included courses given by different faculties.

He did the research for his second degree under the direction of Prof. Baruch Fischer from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The research dealt with "Effects of localization on light and the experimental implementation, by presenting optical realization to a manifestation of the quantum theory (localization)".
Three scientific articles were published on this topic, including:

"Experimental observation of localization in the spatial frequency domain of a kicked optical system", Physical Review E, Vol 61, Number 5, May 2000.

In his PhD Amir showed theoretically and experimentally that some well known phenomena in statistical mechanics, such as critical behavior and crystallization appear also in Laser physics.


About the Program: "I was able to complete both my first and second degree in four years of study thanks to my participation in the Program for Exceptionally Gifted Students."


Recommendation to Program participants: "For the first degree it is worth going the whole hog and completing all the tasks. One should not allow speed to be a substitute for achievements and complete and fundamental mastery of the material. Research is the essence of the second degree and the courses are marginal. The subject of the research should be sought right from the beginning of one's studies. Although most of the units claim their reservist may study for the second degree, actually they don't provide the necessary conditions for making a real second degree. My advice is – don't let the army cause you make a second degree just "for the record" with no real essence in it".


Amir was the chief architect in EZchip, located in Yokne'am. Amir also created and taught the course "high speed network processors" (046336), at the Technion.

Today (2018): Senior Algorithm Engineer at Toshiba (TAEC).



Amir Rosen