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Andrei Yosef / Mechanical Engineering

First degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Technion.

MS.c in Bio-Medical Engineering at the Technion.

Ph.D. in Bio-Medical Engineering at the Technion.


Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 2004 – July 2005.


Andrei used all benefits the program gives, he took courses basic from 4 different faculties and also took advanced courses without the needed base courses for them. He also did a research in bio-tribology which ended with him wining 2 prizes and publishing his first article.


The Program for his first degree was planned with Prof. Avraham Shitzer from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in order to specialize in Bio-Mechanic. This multi-disciplinary program enable Andrei to evolve and combine two very different areas like Mechanical Engineering and Biology into direct route to PhD.

He also did research on the subject: " Nano-Particles in Bio-Tribology " under the supervision of Prof. Izhak Etsion from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. This research was presented during Koreterion Week in the Technion and was awarded the "Zeiden family" prize and Mechanical Engineering faculty prize for annual excellence project.


Today (2012): Andrey works as the director of R&D at a medical device company call Q Core Medical.


Recommendation to Program participants: "Dare as much as you can and use the benefits of the Excellence Program to open opportunities for you. Take the benefits to the limits and do multi-disciplinary programs."