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Anwar Aburayia / Technion Excellence Program

About myself: I was born in 2005 in Sakhnin. In high school, I majored in physics and mechatronics and graduated in 2023. Since childhood, I’ve participated in and won several scientific and art-related competitions. During high school, I took part in a project for exceptional high school students at the Technion called Alpha project, during which I conducted a study in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology at Prof. Simone Engelender's laboratory in Rappaport Faculty of Medicine It's there where my research journey began!

Since 2018, I’ve participated in several enrichment courses and workshops in multiple fields, such as medicine, architecture planning and design, entrepreneurship, astronomy, art, and graphic design. Along with that, I frequently volunteer at different organizations aiming to help children and families to improve their living quality.

Hobbies and other activities: I have a special interest in art (I do practice both classic and digital art), I like creative writing, photography, 3D modeling and reading history and Arabic literature books.

When did you start the program?  Winter 2023.