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Ariel Hirszhorn / Electrical Engineering

First degree in Electrical Engineering at the Technion.


Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: 2007-2011


As a student in the Program, Ariel took advanced courses in early stages of his studies, which enabled him to finish the degree one semester earlier.

He also carried out 2 projects, as part of his EE studies:

Project A was conducted in the Network Biology Research (NBR) Laboratories under the supervision of Aviv Tamar from Prof. Ron Meir group. The project target was to explore communication emergence in multi-agent scenario using Reinforcement Learning (RL) algorithms.

Project B was conducted in the Signal Processing Lab (SIPL) under the supervision of Ronen Talmon from Prof. Israel Cohen group. The project goal was to enhance speech corrupted by transient interferences using the Optimally-Modified-Log-Spectral-Amplitude (OM-LSA) algorithm. Following the successful results of the project, we wrote a paper: “Transient Interference Suppression in Speech Signals Based on the OM-LSA Algorithm” which was accepted to the IWAENC 2012 conference (see attached).



Recommendation to Program participants: "Invest the first years of your studies in deep understanding of the academic courses you take. Only then, try to find a research topic of your choice."


Today (2012): Ariel is working in a wireless-communication high-tech company as an algorithm engineer, and he is planning to start his MSc studies in Brain sciences at the Weizmann institute this year.


Ariel Hirszhorn