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Avner Mondshine / Technion Excellence Program

About myself: I was born in 2004, Living all my life in Petah Tikva.

Starting in 8th grade, I participated in Bar Ilan University’s excellence program in mathematics for talented youth.

I went to high school at the Bnei Akiva “Nehalim” yeshiva, in which I graduated in Computer Science, Talmud, and expense Tanach while also majoring in Physics by myself as I took part in the Virtual Highschool run by the Ministry of Education.

While in school, I volunteered for the regional fire station as a “Fire Scout”.

After graduating, I postponed conscription, joining Karney Shomron Yeshiva.

I like all sciences but computing in particular, which is why I joined the “Psagot” program by Atuda in the software – engineering course.

Hobbies and activities: I am really into sports (like Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, etc.). I also love reading (all genres really), playing the guitar, hiking or cycling, traveling, and going out with friends.

When did you start the program?  Winter 2023.